Referral Program

Refer-A-Friend Program – Easy Money for your School/Group!


We would like to thank you for choosing Ultimate Fundraising Inc. for your fundraising requirements in the past. We trust that we provided you with the best customer service in the industry and wanted to give you an opportunity to tell others about our company and its fundraisers.

Below is a list of the programs that we provide referral bonuses to your group/club for simply letting other groups you know, anywhere in the country, about our fundraisers. Should a group that you refer run one or more of these programs, your group/club will receive a Refer-A-Friend check. The better the referred group does the more your referral check will be. It is that easy!

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Run one or more of our fundraising programs for your group/club.
  2. Tell Others
  3. Receive Money


We will provide you with a cover letter and email that can be used to let others you know about our company and our fundraisers.

Fundraisers That Qualify for Refer-A-Friend Program

1 – First Aid Kit Program. 50 cents for each first aid kit sold.

2 – Ultimate Fundraising Perfect Beverage Collection Fundraiser ($5 per bag sold Profit) – 50 cents for each pound of coffee sold.

3 – Ultimate Cookie Dough, Muffin Mix and Chocolate Brownie Mix Fundraiser ($5.00 per sale Profit) Ontario/Winnipeg only – 50 cents for each tub ordered.

4 – Otis Cookie Dough(36%-40% Profit) All of Canada – 50 cents for each box ordered.

5Skratchers Scratch Cards (90% Profit) – $2.50 for each card ordered.

6 World Finest Chocolates – $1 for every case ordered.

7 – Personalized Cookbooks (Up to 45% Profit) – $1 for each cookbook ordered.

8 – Personalized Calendars – $1 for each calendar ordered.

9 – Save Around Victoria and Vancouver Coupon Books – 50 cents per book sold.

Your Potential Earnings Examples