Here’s what some of our clients say about the Ultimate Fundraising solution:


“It was good to speak with you again. Although not requested, I wanted to express my personal reason for doing business with you.

In these very uncertain days of economic turmoil, and the current Geo-Political climate, You, Pat, Takes the time to speak,and listen, with those whom seek your products, and assistance. You make it possible for those who know what they want, but have no knowledge of how to even begin to acquire such items.

Pat, by taking the time, effort and challenge to call all over the U.S. of A. for just ONE person, in moments you build trust, respect, and proof of character! Character cannot be taught, it is within our soul, it speaks to who we truly are, a person for whom truth is an outward expression of your true self.

To say I’m am pleased with your products, and the level of one on one service, would be a complete understatement. However, Pleased I am, and trust I have.

My Deepest Gratitude!

Be well, and be at peace , my Friend.”
Jerry DeRousse, Military Case Worker – American Red Cross

“I want to thank you for the fast, personal service I received form your company. It is rare, nay almost unheard of these days to actually speak to a live person while attempting to do business with anyone. As I became acquainted with your company, I was not only surprised, but truly taken off guard by speaking to the President of the company. During my search for the product, I found several web sites and Vendors that could and would be able and willing to accommodate my need for lollipops. Many returned my call, as you did, to attempt to get my business. However, As I began to speak with you Pat, the President of the Company, I became convinced that only you really had MY best interest in mind. You made it very clear that your company would do what ever it would take to serve my needs, as soon as possible, hassle free and no inconvenience. As I mentioned before, these days, business at THIS level is unheard of. I will not only recommend your company to all my friends and associates, but those I do business with as well.”
Jerry DeRousse, Military Case Worker – American Red Cross

“The involvement of KidSport Grande Prairie and Area with Ultimate Fundraising and the Golf Discount Card fundraiser has been a pleasure and a positive experience right from the very beginning.  Pat Van Hesteren has been wonderfully supportive, insightful and creative in helping us every step of the way.  Our KidSport organization will benefit financially as well as in terms of creating community awareness.  Our golf courses will be seeing new golfers and our golfers will be benefiting from an excellent form of exercise and leisure activity.  What an amazing win-win-win opportunity!!”
Bethe Goldie – Grande Prairie KidSport Coordinator – 2005 (Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada)

“This year, we raised more with the Skratchers fundraising program than we did last year with our chocolate bar sales, car wash and spaghetti dinner fundraising combined.”
Tim Keese, Seneca Ballaz Basketall

“Fundraising is something I don’t like to spend to much time on and I found Skratchers didn’t take much time or effort. With 40 players we raised $3,300. We’ll definitely use Skratchers fundraising program again next year.”
Darrin McComas – Burroughs High School Baseball

“Our Softball team has used the Skratchers fundraising program twice now!  A huge success, raising about $2,300 each time!  I highly recommend this fundraiser to other teams needing to raise a lot of money, quickly!”
Gail Fosatti – Foothill Softball

“The Discount Card is a great way to maintain top of mind awareness with golfers in our key markets and to support a great cause.  It brought golfers out to play during the Kimberley Golf Club’s off peak times.”
Chris Andrews, Kimberley Golf Club – Marketing Director (Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada)

“I want to thank you for allowing us to sell your candles for our fundraiser. This is the third year we have used the program, and the customers continually ASK us when we will have them again! I never thought people would actually want MORE of a fundraising product!”
Glenda H., Indianapolis, IN

“We sold over 500 of these candles during our fundraiser and that was months ago. We are STILL taking orders from people that want to buy more! Parents come up to me almost everyday asking where they can get the candles because their friends are bugging them for more! It is a great candle, no doubt about it…”
Amanda W., Cleveland, OH

I am very happy with the response that we’re receiving from the Cranbrook area with the Sunrise Rotary passes.  I consider this experiment to be a success and will be pleased to sign up for 2006.  Not only has our facility had more exposure, our retail department and food and beverage department have seen some impact from this program.”
Donna Slobodzian – Golf Operations Manager (Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada)

“Useful items, great return to the organization and helpful, courteous staff……best fund raiser yet!!.”
Sherry McLean

Thank you and before I forget again I just wanted to let you know that I received compliments about the quality of the jewelry. Nice looking and heavy so you know that they were not cheaply made. As for the candles- well, they smell absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to burn one. “

“Our group ran the Santa’s Little Helpers fundraiser through Ultimate Fundraising Inc. I chose this company because I had so many different fundraising options through them. As a first time fundraising co-ordinator, the support they provided to me was wonderful and I would definitely do business with this company again.
Christine Surridge (Tillicum Community School PAC)

” I chose the “gingerbread shop” for our school this year right before christams. I have to say that it was a wonderful idea. it allows the kids in the school to shop for items for their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even thier freinds without them being there to see what they bought. I had no idea going into this that there would be a great selection of items. I was very impressed with how fast i received the items. i was a little late finding this fundraiser but they came through for us very quickly. What i am truly grateful for and truly impressed by is the fact that they have thought of everything. From tableclothes to gift bags to envelopes for the budget even right upto the letters that we have to send home for the parents. That is the best part. The fact that we had absolutely nothing to do but set up the shop. The products were wonderful and there was something for everyone. I also like the fact that i was able to talk directly to someone and not an answering sesrvice. This was just wonderful. I would definately do business with this company again and i definately recommend “Ultimate Fundraisers”. The service is just amazing. Thanks Ultimate Fundraiser. “
P.P.O committee Rouyn-Noranda (Quebec)

” I am the St. Joseph music parent association fund raiser coordinator. We ran a Nor Card fund raiser at Christmas and it was a great success. The best part was that the packaging was all completed for our organization with each student’s order plus their order form stapled on the bag. This made my job very easy as all I needed to do was to simply call names out and hand out the packages. Also, I have found that dealing with Ultimate Fundraising representatives very positive. The reps have always been helpful, efficient and aware of time constraints. We liked this fund raiser so much that we are trying out the Spring one as well!! I would highly recommend Ultimate Fundraising and the Nor Card program for the above reasons plus for the 45% return!! “

” After you suggested dodge ball against a teacher’s team, our incentive became if you sell at least 5 tubs you get to play in the game. The kids were so excited about this idea that we ended up with more than 160 kids selling more than 5 tubs each so we will have to have 8 games altogether! Thanks so much for your suggestion – I have no doubt that it helped us to have a really successful fund-raiser. Thanks again for everything. “
Judi Davies W.H. Ballard Elementary School