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These are the Ultimate Fundraising Products including First Aid Kit Fundraiser, Skratcher Cards, Cookie Dough, Coffee and Beverage Fundraiser, Christmas Fundraisers, Calendar Fundraisers, Cookbook Fundraisers, and World’s Finest Chocolates Fundraiser.

Clara Clark Sheets and More

Ultimate Fundraising Inc. is proud to have partnered with Clara Clark to provide the softest sheets in Canada. With 12 colours of both 1500 thread count and 1800 thread count to choose from, we are confident that your supports will have the best sleep ever. We also offer mattress protectors, comforters, bamboo pillows and weighted blankets! Contact us today for more information.

Comforters Product Page

Mattress Protectors Product Page

Bamboo Pillow Product Page

Sheets Product Page

Clara Clark Sheets and More Tally Sheet

Clara Clark Top Seller Incentives

Clara Clark Referral Program

Clara Clark Program Details

Visit to learn more about our products and options available.

Otis Frozen Cookie Dough and Bakery Items


This fundraising program includes 6 great 2.7lb pre-portioned frozen cookie dough selections, as well as our individually wrapped muffins.


  • Pre-order program
  • Beautiful color brochure and order form
  • Minimum order of 480 boxes or trays (60 cases) for free shipping

From 19-41 cases there will be a $200 charge

From 41-60 cases there will be a $150 charge

* Cookie Dough Master Cases – come with 8 pre-portioned boxes. We do not ship mixed cases but find that groups have no problem selling out of any extra boxes that are required to make for complete master cases.

* A minimum of 19 cases is required to fulfill your order

* Premade Muffins Master Cases – come with 4 trays per master case

  • Shipping – please see our drop shipping instructions after the groups profit section of this spec sheet. Business address is preferred for shipping.


  • Provide a fundraiser that works well anytime of the year
  • With the variety offered there is something for everyone
  • The best cookie dough and baking selections and taste making this a very easy sell and great money generator


  • Order Taker Program
  • Group signs and faxes in Participation Agreement Form to Head Office indicating number of brochures they would like us to send them
  • Group should run their fundraiser for a period of 2 weeks
  • Payment accepted by certified check or money order
  • Fundraising Coordinator collects all orders and tallies them up. The coordinator then completes the master order form indicating the address where they would like the order delivered to on the top part of the form. This order is emailed or faxed into Ultimate Fundraising Inc. at 1-250-489-8133 to be processed along with their payment.
  • The groups order will be shipped out to them within 3 weeks of receiving their order and payment.

Otis Frozen Cookie Dough and Bakery Items (All Provinces)

Group Profit

  • $6.50 per item

Cookie Dough and Bakery Items Profits – Pre-portioned Place-N-Bake

Product Selling Price Boxes Your Cost Your Profit
Cookie Dough $18 $11.50 $6.50
Variety Pack Muffins $20 $13.50 $6.50

Ultimate Cookie Dough, Muffin Mix and Fudge Brownies

Ultimate Cookie DoughDescription

Frozen Cookie Dough, Muffin Batter and Fudge Brownie Batter in 3 tubs. Pre-ordered and prepaid through brochures.


  • High quality frozen Cookie Dough, Muffin Batter and Brownie Batter. Cookie Dough Flavours including Caramel Dream, Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Shortbread, Rainbow Chip
  • 2 Muffin Batter Flavours including Banana Chocolate Chip and Lemon Cranberry
  • Cookie Dough, Muffin Batter and Brownie Batter can be thawed and refrozen. Each tub makes 48 + cookies, 18 muffins (3 lb tub)
  • Cookie Dough and Muffin Batter retails for $16 and the Fudge Brownie Dough retails for $17
  • Minimum order for free shipping – minimum order is 100 tubs or a shipping charge will apply
  • No mixed cases – case of 6 ordered must be all one flavour. Orders placed are by the case, not by the tub.
  • Can be run throughout the year


  • Group earns $4.00-$6.00 per 3lb tub sold
  • No up front costs – all pre-ordered and pre-paid to group. Groups only pay for what they sell
  • Just scoop n’ bake- delicious gourmet cookies in less than 20 minutes! Dough stays fresh for months in the freezer. Delivered frozen. Can be thawed and refrozen.
  • ‘Trans Fat Free’ – made with non-hydrogenated margarine. No preservatives added. All products produced in a completely nut free facility and are kosher
  • Not available in stores-made exclusively for the fundraising market
  • Easy-to-understand individual order taker sheets


  • Group signs and faxes in Participation agreement to Head Office
  • Group receives order forms and brochures for each participant within 5 days of participation agreement being received
  • Group runs fundraiser for 2 week period
  • Group tallies orders and faxes in Master Order Form to Head Office. Head Office will calculate the invoiced amount and send invoice to group – payment is due upon receipt
  • Order will be processed and delivery will occur within 3 weeks – shipped from Ontario

Group Profit

100-199 items – $4.00 per item

200-320 items – $4.50 per item

321-500 items – $5.00 per item

501-999 items – $5.50 per item

1000+ items – $6.00 per item

Cookie Dough and Bakery Items Selling Prices

Product Selling Price Boxes
Cookie Dough $16
Muffin Batter $16
Fudge Brownie Dough $17
100 2 tubs each (200 tubs total) $4.50 $900
100 3 tubs each (300 tubs total) $4.50 $1350
150 2 tubs each (300 tubs total) $4.50 $1350
150 3 tubs each (450 tubs total) $5.00 $2250
200 2 tubs each (400 tubs total) $5.00 $2000
200 3 tubs each (600 tubs total) $5.50 $3300
350 2 tubs each (700 tubs total) $5.50 $3850
350 3 tubs each (1050 tubs total) $6.00 $6300

Fundraising With First Aid Kits

“A Healthier Fundraiser for Healthier Communities”


  • This program offers a full colour 4 page brochure with 11 unique First Aid Kits ranging in price from $10.00 to $50.00/kit. We have you covered with the – Family, Auto, Sport, Outdoor and more.
  • You make a 30-40% profit on each kit sold
  • Small minimum order of only 100 kits for free shipping


  • $10 kits provide a $4 profit to you group
  • $25 kits provide a $7.50 profit to your group
  • $35 kits provide a $12 profit to your group
  • $45 kits provide a $13.50 profit to your group
  • $50 kit provide a $15 profit to your group
  • $17 Resqme provides a $5 profit to your group

Fundraising with First Aid Kits

Download the PDF for more information.

Process – it’s EASY!!!

  1. Email and include your group name, mailing address, contact name and phone number as well as how many brochures you will require and the dates you will be running the fundraiser. Once you Submit you will be sent your free Starter Kit so you may run your program.
  2. Run your fundraiser, collect your orders and money.
  3. Order kits and complete payment, we accept cheque or money order. Once payment has been received by Ultimate Fundraising Inc. the kits will be shipped.

Shipping is free for orders of 100 or more kits (A $100 flat shipping fee will be applied to orders less than 100 kits) our minimum order is 50 kits. Mixed cases are allowed. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Ultimate Spirit Wear and Apparel

We have partnered with Pro-Stock Athletics to offer an amazing line of Spirit Wear for schools and athletic apparel for any sports teams.

With brands like Champion, Under Armor, ATC, Renegade and more, Your group is sure to find what you are looking for.

We provide design services with screen-printing and embroidery options to make your next spirit wear sales the best yet. Let’s get that school and team spirit up with Ultimate Apparel today!


Pink Shirt Day

Pink T-shirt Anti-Bully Campaign – We offer the option of using our order form to provide your supporters with 5 different options with different slogans and images or you can use you own logo and slogan and personalize your shirts.

The shirts sell for $16 and your group earns a $5 profit on each shirt. The funds raised can then be allocated for an anti-bullying program in your school or area.

Order deadline for Pink T-shirts is January 15th

Anti – Bullying Pink T-Shirts Program Overview

Orange Shirt Day – Every Child Matters

Every Child Matters Orange T-shirt Campaign – September 30th is a day for communities to come together in a spirit of reconciliation and hope because every child matters.

This date was chosen because it is the time of the year when children were taken from their homes to residential schools and provide an opportunity for schools to set both anti-racism and anti-bullying policies for the upcoming school year.

Show you support and run this fundraising campaign. Shirts sell for $16 and you make a $5 profit that can be donated to one of many local charities.

Orange Shirt Day Program Overview

Santa’s Little Helpers Fundraiser

This is the 15th year with this very popular Christmas brochure. Over 150 quality items to choose from! This program is “nut free” for any schools or groups concerned with peanut or nut issues.

It offers a 45% profit to your group and all orders are packed by seller.

Visit our suppliers website at and click on products and then the Santa’s Little Helper’s catalogue to view each page and the items offered. Remember to contact Ultimate Fundraising Inc. to book your fundraiser.

Enchanted Garden Fundraiser

Our garden program offers all of the plants, seed mats, bulbs etc. that you will need for all of your spring planting this year.

Please give us a call for a sample of this brochure. This is a real winner!! Deadline for final order is April 1st with delivery the last week in May.

It offers a 45% profit to your group and all orders are packed by seller. Book today!

Visit our supplier’s website at and click on products and then the Enchanted Garden catalogue to view each page and the items offered. Remember to contact Ultimate Fundraising Inc. to book your fundraiser.

Enchanted GardenEnchanted GardenEnchanted GardenEnchanted GardenEnchanted GardenEnchanted Garden