Here’s what some of our clients say about the Ultimate Fundraising solution:

“Pat I just wanted to thank you for your service during our fundraiser. I would also like to thank you for being so helpful in the fundraiser as we are just learning about the lessons of leadership and how to communicate in the right and effective way. So on behave of the New Norway leadership class I would to sincerely like to thank you.

I would also like to tell you that our fundraiser was a great success and it will completely cover the costs of our warm ups and then some so we can now do more things in our basketball program thanks to your services and help in our fundraiser. We hope to do more fundraisers with the company in the future.”

Sincerely Julie Snider – New Norway Leadership Fundraising Chair 2019

“After you suggested dodge ball against a teacher’s team, our incentive became if you sell at least 5 tubs you get to play in the game. The kids were so excited about this idea that we ended up with more than 160 kids selling more than 5 tubs each so we will have to have 8 games altogether! Thanks so much for your suggestion – I have no doubt that it helped us to have a really successful fund-raiser. Thanks again for everything.”

Judi Davies W.H. Ballard Elementary School

“Our group ran the Santa’s Little Helpers fundraiser through Ultimate Fundraising Inc. I chose this company because I had so many different fundraising options through them. As a first time fundraising coordinator, the support they provided to me was wonderful and I would definitely do business with this company again.

Useful items, great return to the organization and helpful, courteous staff – best fund raiser yet!!”

Sherry McLean