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Twisted Goat Coffee


This fundraising program includes 10 great specialty brews from our Cold Brew and many light, medium and dark blends. Roasted to order guaranteeing you are getting the freshest and best tasting coffee.



  • Pre-order program
  • Beautiful color brochure and order form
  • Online Ordering available (please contact us to set up your own personalized website & receive your link)
  • Minimum order of 100 bags required for free shipping
  • Orders less than 100 bags will assume the full shipping costs


  • Provide a fundraiser that works well anytime of the year
  • With the variety offered there is something for everyone
  • Safe for home espresso machines
  • Ethically sourced quality coffee
  • All orders are fresh as Twisted Goat is a small batch roaster


Order Taker Program

  • Group signs and emails our Participation Agreement Form to Head Office indicating number of
  • Order forms they would like us to send them
  • Group should run their fundraiser for a period of 2 weeks
  • Group will be invoiced and payment accepted by check or e-transfer
  • Fundraising Coordinator collects all orders and tallies them up. The coordinator then completes the master order form sent to them at the beginning of their fundraiser. The address where they would like the order should be entered. The completed form is emailed into Ultimate Fundraising Inc. at info@ultimatefundraising.ca to be processed. All online order will be added to this form by Ultimate Fundraising Inc. and student sales reports emailed to your group
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your order from the time we receive your totals.

Online Orders

  • We will set up your online link and the Group Organizer will receive a welcome email that will prompt them to set their password and gain access to all sales reports. 
  • Students/Sellers register or the Organizer will register their sellers and be given a link that they can forward to their supporters to place their orders.
  • Once the fundraising campaign has completed the online orders will be calculated and the Organizer will be notified as to their sales and the amount that will be issued to the school/group.
  • If your school/group is running both the Order Taker and the Online Sales then the amount owing to Ultimate Fundraising Inc. or to your school/group will be calculated and both the orders from the order taker and online orders will need to be included on the final master order form.
  • Organizers will have a login and password that they have created and can login and check the number of online sales, by those in their group, at any time.

Support Materials

  • Your group will be provided with a number of support documents that will clearly outline what is required to run both your order taker and/or online coffee fundraiser. Our Fundraising Specialists and our Customer Service are here to assist through every step of your fundraising campaign to insure you have everything that you will need to be successful.