Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies

Otis Frozen Cookie Dough and Bakery Items


This fundraising program includes 6 great 2.7lb pre-portioned frozen cookie dough selections, as well as our individually wrapped muffins.


  • Pre-order program
  • Beautiful color brochure and order form
  • Minimum order of 480 boxes or trays (60 cases) for free shipping

From 19-41 cases there will be a $200 charge

From 41-60 cases there will be a $150 charge

* Cookie Dough Master Cases – come with 8 pre-portioned boxes. We do not ship mixed cases but find that groups have no problem selling out of any extra boxes that are required to make for complete master cases.

* A minimum of 19 cases is required to fulfill your order

* Premade Muffins Master Cases – come with 4 trays per master case

  • Shipping – please see our drop shipping instructions after the groups profit section of this spec sheet. Business address is preferred for shipping.


  • Provide a fundraiser that works well anytime of the year
  • With the variety offered there is something for everyone
  • The best cookie dough and baking selections and taste making this a very easy sell and great money generator


  • Order Taker Program
  • Group signs and faxes in Participation Agreement Form to Head Office indicating number of brochures they would like us to send them
  • Group should run their fundraiser for a period of 2 weeks
  • Payment accepted by certified check or money order
  • Fundraising Coordinator collects all orders and tallies them up. The coordinator then completes the master order form indicating the address where they would like the order delivered to on the top part of the form. This order is emailed or faxed into Ultimate Fundraising Inc. at 1-250-489-8133 to be processed along with their payment.
  • The groups order will be shipped out to them within 3 weeks of receiving their order and payment.

Otis Frozen Cookie Dough and Bakery Items (All Provinces)

Group Profit

  • $6.50 per item

Cookie Dough and Bakery Items Profits – Pre-portioned Place-N-Bake

Product Selling Price Boxes Your Cost Your Profit
Cookie Dough $18 $11.50 $6.50
Variety Pack Muffins $20 $13.50 $6.50