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Tasty Batters/Mom’s Pantry Cookie and Muffin Dough Fundraiser


This fundraising program includes 9 great 1.36kg frozen cookie dough tub selections, 4 1.36kg frozen muffin batter tub selections and 440g tubs of garlic spread and cinnamon spread.


  • Pre-order program
  • Beautiful color brochure and order form
  • Online Ordering available (please register on our website)
  • Minimum order of 175 tubs for free shipping
  • Orders less than 175 tubs will incur a flat $250 shipping charge.
  • All orders will be sorted and packed using assigned student numbers (we have a video that explains our pick and pack process and can be emailed to you upon request)
  • A minimum of 100 items is required to fulfill your order (if order is less than 100 you can either refund your buyers or assume the full shipping amount)


  • Provide a fundraiser that works well anytime of the year
  • With the variety offered there is something for everyone
  • The best cookie dough and baking selections and taste making this a very easy sell and great money generator
  • 2 peanut free options are available


Order Taker Program

  • Group should run their fundraiser for a period of 2 weeks
  • Group will be invoiced and payment accepted by check or e-transfer
  • Fundraising Coordinator collects all orders and tallies them up. The coordinator then completes the master order form excel spreadsheet sent to them at the beginning of their fundraiser. The address where they would like the order delivered to on the top part of the form and all student orders should be entered. The completed spreadsheet is emailed into Ultimate Fundraising Inc. at info@ultimatefundraising.ca to be processed.
  • The groups order will be shipped out to them within 2-3 weeks of receiving their order and payment.

Online Order

You will be provided with a unique link providing your group with a personalized online store.

Support Materials

  • Your group will be provided with a number of support documents that will clearly outline what is required to run both your order taker and/or online cookie dough fundraiser. Our Fundraising Specialist and our Customer Service are here to assist through every step of your fundraising campaign to insure you have everything that you will need to be successful.

Download the PDF of Cookie Brochure 2022

Download the PDF of Cinnamon Rolls Ingredients

Download the PDF of Frozen Cookie & Muffin Dough & Cinnamon Rolls


Chocolate Chunk
Honey Oatmeal Raisin
Rainbow Chocolate (M&M's)
Cinnamon Roll