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Easy to Run Fundraising Programs

Schools, teams, associations, church groups,
non-profit organizations.

Easy to Run Fundraising Programs

Schools, teams, associations, church groups,
non-profit organizations.

Easy to Run Fundraising Programs

Schools, teams, associations, church groups,
non-profit organizations.

Easy to Run Fundraising Programs

Schools, teams, associations, church groups,
non-profit organizations.

With a variety of fundraising ideas and fundraising options we are confident that we have a fundraiser to suit your group.

  • Raise more money in 59 Minutes than you would in most traditional fundraisers
  • Teams around Alberta are raising between $3k - $7k in profits in ONE HOUR!
  • Top selling products are Cookie dough, Perogies, Cinnamon Rolls and Jack Links Beef Jerky
  • Promotes and develops effective communication skills
  • Team building!! - competing with and against each other to raise money for the team!
  • Goal setting! Goals tracked as we go, confidence builder as goals are reached!
Download the PDF of Music 59 Min Poster for more information.
Download the PDF of Sports 59 Min Poster for more information.

If your team is interested in more information on how you can get in on this exciting, easy, and profitable fundraising option, please reach out to us today by clicking on the link below, to request more information and set up your own 59 Minute Fundraising Event!

Our Most Successful Fundraising Programs

Kernels Popcorn

This fundraising program includes 5 great flavours of the popcorn you will love and raise significant funds with.

Jack Links Beef Jerky & Beef Steak Sticks

All your favorite selections from Jack Links are now available for your group to use as a fundraiser. What a great way to provide a healthy fundraising option and the quality of beef jerky. This program can be run both offline and online. Sell our 28g Beef Steak and/or 35g Beef Jerky Bags in Original or Teriyaki flavours.

Mom’s Pantry / Tasty Batters Cookie Dough and Muffin Batter

With 11 flavors of cookie dough and muffin batters and our new garlic spread and cinnamon spread tubs, this is sure to be a favorite for all of your supporters. This fundraiser is picked and packed by providing each seller with a number that will be clearly labelled on each of their items for easy sorting and distributing. Orders can be taken using our full color order form and/or using our online ordering system. It is the easiest fundraiser with the best return that we have ever offered.

First Aid Kit Fundraiser

We are excited to announce our partnership with Canadian supplier Innovative Safety Supply. All of our first aid kits are Health Canada approved and ready for you to sell to insure your community is safer and prepared for their first aid requirements in case of an injury. With so many kits to choose from, this is sure to be a great fundraiser.

Clara Clark Sheets

You can sell the softest sheets in Canada with the choice of over 20 different colors in a 1800 thread count. We also have comforters, mattress protectors, bamboo pillows and so much more included on our order form. This is something new and exciting and the pricing is very reasonable. This fundraiser can be run both offline and online. Contact us to get your brochure and details today.

Twisted Goat Coffee

This fundraising program includes 10 great specialty brews from our Cold Brew and many light, medium and dark blends. Roasted to order guaranteeing you are getting the freshest and best tasting coffee.


A Note From Our Team

Welcome to Ultimate Fundraising Inc., we realize the importance of providing fundraising groups with quality products that are easy to sell and profitable. Ultimate Fundraising Inc. makes it a priority to provide only the best customer service while assisting fundraising groups in reaching their fundraising goals. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to hearing from you. Request one of our informational kits today and let’s get started.

Pat Van Hesteren Ultimate Fundraising Inc. President

Erin Hogan – Vice President
Kim Iverson – Director of Administration

Why Work With Ultimate Fundraising?


We have only the best suppliers with the highest quality products to ensure the best results for your fundraising campaigns.

Excellent Customer Service

Your success is our priority and our team is here to assist you throughout your fundraising campaign.

High Profit Margins

You can be confident in your fundraising campaign knowing that your school/group is making a high profit on every sale.

No Risk Fundraising

No pre-purchasing of product required.

Innovative Fundraising Approaches

Whether you are an elementary school, sports team, high school band, church group or anything in between we have a process and product suited for you.

Read Our Reviews

Ultimate Fundraising has been a major part of our music programs travel efforts. Each year we hold 2-3 fundraisers through Ultimate to help reduce the cost of our tours for our students, sometimes completely eliminating the students trip fees. This company has bent over backwards to make sure our orders arrive quickly and correct! We will continue using Ultimate Fundraising for our major fundraiser needs.

by Kyle Whitehead

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